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Isaac is a composer, pianist and teacher living in the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts. After studying Film Scoring and Composition at Berklee College of Music, Isaac spent several years working as a film composer in Los Angeles. While he was there, he worked as an assistant to a number of notable film composers, and he wrote original scores for many independent and short films. Isaac's musical journeys and experiences have recently led him back to his roots in New England, where he dedicates his time to composing,

recording, and performing his own pieces for piano and other instruments. Isaac is passionate about touching people deeply and connecting them through music.

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Isaac is an experienced instructor and teaches piano to all ages in a variety of different of styles; classical, pop, rock, blues, jazz, and more. He makes learning fun while also challenging his students. He also teaches lessons in music theory and/or composition.

We couldn’t be happier with our experience of Isaac as a piano teacher to our two sons. One is an older, more experienced and more dedicated learner, while the other is a young beginner. Isaac is able to meet both at their individual level and keep piano lessons interesting and fun. My boys both enjoy their weekly lessons and their piano skills continue to improve week to week.

Brittany Wilson,
Student Parent


Isaac supports me by letting me get right into songs after note reading, so I am always excited to learn. He makes piano lessons fun, and I want to practice to show him I have mastered what we’re working on!

Richard Amistadi,


Isaac has been an incredible teacher for our 10 year old son, Tommy. After 10 lessons, he was already playing a beautifully composed, simplified version of Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy', arranged by Isaac himself. Watching Tommy improve through practice over these past few months has been a joy both for Tommy and for ourselves. None of this would have been possible without Isaac's expert instruction, or the fun and encouraging environment he creates. Highly, highly recommended!

Seth Cable 
Student Parent



Isaac Owen composes original music for any combination of instruments, including full orchestra. He works freely in the styles of classical, folk, jazz, and more. He enjoys collaborating with other artists, dancers, filmmakers, and working on various commissioned projects. He performs his own music at house concerts, music venues, galleries, and weddings.

To reach out, contact:

isaacowenrichardson {at}

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